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APR Tuned Fuel Pump

Brand: APR Tuned | Category: Fuel Pumps

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Product Description

APR FSI pumps have been track tested for over a year now, with several hundreds of thousands of miles of combined usage. Each APR pump starts out as a brand new OEM pump, is modified with the new components by APR, and then undergoes a rigorous testing process on our high pressure fuel pump tester. Once a pump passes our standards, it is serialized and shipped to the customer.

The components used in the APR pump are also of a high caliber. The piston and barrel of the new pump are made of a certified and heat-treated bearing-grade stainless steel and have a special diamond like coating. The seals used in the pump are made of a high performance, filled polymer with a high modulus spring to retain the seal forces throughout the life of the product. The cross section of the seal is also of a proprietary design to maintain integrity over many years of use.

The APR FSI fuel pump increases the volume of fuel from the high pressure pump by over 40%. Simplified, this is achieved by modifying some key internal parts within the pump. Changing these components requires precision machining of the new components with special surface treatments, as well as enlarged, redesigned seals. Using inferior components on this critical part can lead to many problems from gasoline in the engine oil (from a bad seal) to complete engine failure (from a seized piston in the high pressure pump).