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B&M Torque Converter - Nitrous Holeshot

Brand: B&M Racing | Category: Differentials

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Product Description

Nitrous engines produce some serious horsepower and require a serious torque converter to handle it. The newest line of street performance converters from B&M is the Nitrous Holeshot series. Built with the same features as the other B&M Holeshots with the addition of anti-balloon plates. The anti-balloon plates will allow these converters to stand up to the instant horsepower nitrous delivers.

Converters with higher than stock stall speed will allow the vehicle to accelerate better from a dead stop and it will allow the vehicle to idle better when a big cam is used. The Holeshot is a good choice for the typical street machine, however when nitrous is used the Nitrous Holeshot is your only real choice. The Nitrous Holeshot 2400 is also an excellent choice for big cubic inch crate motor applications. Fully furnace brazed, heavy duty needle bearing thrust packages and new turbine hubs are the key features along with anti-balloon plates are found in the Nitrous Holeshot converters. These are serious converters for the serious street performance car.


  • For small and big blocks
  • Anti-balloon plate
  • For serious performance applications
  • Furnace brazed and fully balanced