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Defi Smart Adapter W UNIVERSAL

Brand: Defi | Category: Gauges
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
DF14501 Smart Adapter W
DF14502 Smart Adapter W
w/ OBD2 Port

Product Description

The Defi Smart Adapter W is the radio frequency device that can transmit the vehicle data to an iOS/Android mobile device. Data obtained from your vehicle can be displayed on your device screen by dedicated Apps.

Main Features

  • By linking to the ADVANCE SYSTEM, your iOS/Android device can show you vehicle information (from sensors)

Just connecting the SMART ADAPTER W to the ADVANCE Unit, the SMART
ADAPTER W can transmit information on the Unit sensors to an iOS/Android device.

By installing the dedicated App, meters or graphs can be displayed on the screen.

  • By acquiring vehicle information from the OBDII connecter, compared with the sensor connecting, it is much easier to get information at low cost.

It can transmit vehicle information to your iOS/Android device without the ADVANCE SYSTEM if the OBDII follows ISO-CAN specification.