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Product Description

ECUMASTER EMU is an advanced and fully configurable engine management system for controlling fueling and ignition on 1-12 cylinder engines. The Engine Management Unit controls all aspects of the engine, and offers failsafe strategies in case of sensor failures or other events. The EMU features more built-in value than anything else on the market, not requiring any external modules to drive up to 6 passive coils directly (up to 12 smart coils), a Bosch LSU 4.2 O2 sensor, 2 EGT probes, a Flex Fuel ethanol content sensor directly. The inclusion of a built-in 4 bar MAP sensor further adds to the value of the EMU.

Using the latest technologies in the fields of electronics and software, the ECUMaster EMU has the latest features and an attractive price at only $1200. As an introductory offer, a Bosch LSU 4.2 O2 sensor is included with every EMU purchase.

Common applications for the ECUMaster EMU are modified sports car and racing engines, motorcycles, boats, and stationary engines.

Check out this video of ECUMaster products in action.
ECUMaster EMU Technical Details

6 Fuel injector outputs (5A) (12 injectors in batch fire)
6 AUX outputs (5A)
6 Ignition outputs -Passive or active coils, software selectable (7A) (supports up to 12 cylinders)
4 stepper motor outputs – bipolar/unipolar (1A)
2 direct EGT input channels
2 knock sensor inputs (supports flat response or resonant sensors)
Built-in wideband O2 controller for Bosch LSU 4.2
Built-in 4 bar MAP sensor
Built-in barometric pressure sensor
4 Digital inputs VR/HALL – software selectable
3 Dedicated analog inputs (TPS, CLT, IAT)
4 Additional analog inputs (0-5V)
Compliance with ISO 7637
Supports 1-12 cylinders
Max RPM 16000
Injection time resolution 16us
Ignition advance resolution 0.5 deg
Knock sensing 1-20 kHz
Speed Density, Alpha-N algorithm
16×20 VE fuel table, resolution to 0.1% VE
16×20 Ignition table, resolution to 0.5 deg
16×20 Target AFR table, resolution to 0.1 AFR
Injector voltage compensation
Coil dwell calibration
User calibrated IAT, CLT
PID idle control strategy
PID Boost Control, advanced strategies: per gear, per speed
Nitrous control with fuel and ignition modification tables
Aux outputs for fuel pumps, radiator fans, etc.
Motorsports features: launch control, gear dependent shift light, flat shift ( gear change cut)
Logging available for over 100 parameters
Check engine light output
Full Flex Fuel capability with map blending (requires ethanol content sensor)
Advanced features available with additional modules: Drive By Wire throttle, Bluetooth adapter for using an Android device to display gauges
USB communication, no additional interface needed, uses standard USB cable (included)
The ECUMaster EMU comes with user friendly software with free firmware upgrades
24 month warranty

PC Requirements

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Screen resolution of at least 1024×768 16bit
CPU with a clock of at least 600MHz
USB port

What’s in the box

USB cable
ECU Connectors
Terminals for ECU Connectors
CD with software drivers and manuals
Laminated pinout of terminals on the ECUMaster EMU