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Sensors and Accessories UNIVERSAL

Brand: ECU Master | Category: Electronic Accessories


WHPFF2 Flex Fuel Kit with -6 AN Adapters
WHPFF1 Flex Fuel Kit for Rubber Fuel Hose
WHP35M 3.5 Bar Map Sensor
WHP4M 4 Bar MAP Sensor
WHP5M 5 Bar MAP Sensor
ECUFL8 EMU Flying Lead Harness
WHPBC1 Boost Control Kit
WHP10P 10 Bar Pressure Sensor
ECUHAL Haldex Drag Racing Controller
WHP7P 7 Bar Pressure Sensor
WHPBC2 Boost Control Kit - Black
WHPKNK1 Flat Response Knock Sensor Kit
WHPOILTEMP Oil Temperature Sensor Kit
WHPIAT Intake Air Temperature Sensor Kit
ECUBKTBLK Mounting Bracket for EMU, Black
ECUBKTYEL Mounting Bracket for EMU, Yellow

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