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Edelbrock QwikData - Sensors/Thermocouplers/Meters UNIVERSAL


91122 QwikData Fuel Flow Meter
-8AN Inlet/Outlet
Range 1-10 Gallons Per Minute
91120 QwikData Non-Contact Thermocouple
Infrared Temperature Sensor
Range 32deg To 662deg F.
91123 QwikData String Potentiometer
Range 0-5 in.
91115 QwikData Wheel/Shaft Speed Sensor Kit
Incl. Sensor/2 Cobalt Magnets
91117 QwikData Cobalt Magnet
Rare Earth Magnets For All Shaft Speed Sensors
2 pc.
91211 QwikData 2 EGT Thermocouple Wire
91284 QwikData 2 Pressure Transducer
91280 QwikData 2 Pressure Transducer
91283 QwikData 2 Pressure Transducer
91285 QwikData 2 Fluid Temperature Sensor
91287 QwikData 2 2 Bar MAP Sensor
91221 Connectors, Sensors & Sensor Side

Product Description

Edelbrock offers a complete range or Sensors, Thermocouplers and Meters for your Edelbrock QwikData Data Logging Unit.