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Edelbrock Throttle Bodies

Brand: Edelbrock | Category: Throttle Bodies

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Product Description

The key to improving power on any internal combustion engine is maximizing its volumetric efficiency. Edelbrock throttle bodies are designed and manufactured to deliver more air for increased performance. Edelbrock begins with a brand new casting that has been engineered by Edelbrock and cast in our ultra-modern foundry in San Jacinto, CA. Each casting is then precision machined and assembled, by Edelbrock, with the finest OE quality components and under the scope of Edelbrock’s strict ISO 9001 quality control standards. The throttle blade is securely staked to the throttle shaft to ensure a secure fit and finish and the throttle shaft rides on sealed ball bearings for smooth, safe operation. Most applications include a new throttle position sensor (TPS) that is pre-installed and electronically calibrated by sophisticated equipment for an easy bolt-on installation. Edelbrock throttle bodies are available in several sizes to suit your application. Smaller sizes are slightly larger than stock and are a great first step for stock or mildly modified engines, while larger sizes are for more radical engine combinations, and in most cases, require port matching of the manifold for proper fitment. These high-quality Edelbrock throttle bodies bolt to the stock manifolds with mounts

Edelbrock Throttle Body Features:

  • Larger than stock throttle bore for increased air volume and more power
  • Engineered, cast, machined and assembled by Edelbrock
  • Sealed throttle shaft ball bearings for safe, smooth operation
  • Edelbrock is one of few manufacturers that include a brand new throttle position sensor (TPS) that is pre-installed and factory set with the same high-tech equipment used by Original Equipment manufacturers (included on most applications – check listings)