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JIC Coilover System - FLT-RS Custom Series

Brand: JIC Magic | Category: Coilover Systems

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Product Description

The Flagship JIC Magic coilover setup. The FLT-RS Coilovers featires a light weight, 15 way adjustable monotube damper with newly developed flexible piston deisgn for maximum performance during race conditions. Built through years of research and development on the track. The FLT-RS series is Race Spec Suspension for maximum handling for Track Enthusiasts.


  • Adjustment Dial – 15-way adjustable damper for precise control at the track and for adjusting comfort level.
  • Pillowball Upper Mount – Adjustable camber plate also included for most vehicle front applications with Macpherson Strut suspension systems. Some applications may come with a rubber bushing uppermount (depends on vehicle design).
  • Dust Boot – Dust Boots are Essential to maintaining the life of a damper, dramatically improving the lifespan by protecting it from the elements. Dust Boots come standard on all JIC Coilovers.
  • Spring – Linear rate springs manufactured using chrome silicon metal alloy with cool bend process, giving the spring strong tensile strength, while offering precision down to 10/1000th of a kilogram.
  • Monotube Damper – High pressure nitrogen gas filed monotube design with special stable viscosity index of oil that is unaffected by temperature changes. Inverted dampers offer greater levels of performance.
  • Adjustment Zone – Adjustable ride height ranging from 0.5” to 2.5”.
  • Locking Spring Seat – Made out of durable and light weight alloy, manufactured using machining process, with a bolt lock to ensure the spring is secure.
  • Bracket Lock Seat – Made out of durable and light weight alloy, manufactured using machining process.
  • Lower Bracket – Designed to be more durable than the factory brackets, they are independent from the spring preload which gives full height adjustability without sacrificing the suspension travel and performance.