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350620 KP -6 Black Nylon Racing Hose, per ft.
350820 KP -8 Black Nylon Racing Hose, per ft.
351020 KP -10 Black Nylon Racing Hose, per ft.

Product Description

KP Power-Lite™ Hose

A lightweight alternative to stainless braided hose, Power-Lite™ hose is constructed of a high grade nitrile inner core (which reduces fuel permeation) and black nylon fiber braid. No cuts or scrapes when assembling with our KP Power-Flo™ hose ends.

*Available in both Black and Red Nylon.

-Weight Savings can be up to 40% of Stainless Braided Hose
-Maximum Pressure Rating of 350 psi on all sizes
-Operating temperatures are from -40°F to 302° F
-Can be used with fuel (including diesel), lubricating oils and antifreeze
-Not recommended for use in vacuum applications without using an inner spring support