1. exhaust system (most of the major brand name exhausts are fine)
  2. downpipewith or without high flow catalytic converter (rod millan, speedtek, random technology, stillen,uprd,powerhouse& spp)
  3. ebc or mbc (electronic/manual boost controller),notboost controllers w/ fuzzy logic (e.g.. profec a and hks evc)
  4. fuel cut defenser (greddy bcc-highly recommendedby the mkiv.com members. readwhy hks fcd is the same as theffcd(using the hks fcd or the ffcd is only recommended if you have thettc modand12v mod)

with the bpu installed, you can expect to obtain approximately 370-410 rear wheel horsepower (rwhp). damn, you gotta love the supra tt!!

you will also want to install a boost gauge to monitor how much boost you are running. obviously running more boost is going to decrease the life of your turbos (by how much is not really known) so you will want to watch this. a few turbos don't last long at all at higher than stock boost levels, but most seem to take the increased boost just fine. most people think the best trade off is no more than 18 psi although some have had success and longevity with higher boost. a conservative number would be to run 15 psi low boost with occasional runs to 17 psi if you get an ebc that is easily adjustable on the fly. even with a supra, you gotta be willing to pay to play...

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