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Ny-Trex Nitrous System - Accessories UNIVERSAL

Brand: Ny-Trex | Category: Nitrous Accessories


110040 Nitrous Trans-Fill
Pump Only
110042 Nitrous Trans-Fill System
110080 Purge Kit
110085 V-Spray Purge Block
110086 Prime-Time Show Purge Kit
110091 Nitrous Pro-Accessory Kit
For EFI Vehicles
025403 O-Ring for Nitrous Pumps
Nursing Tank Seal
110039 Nitrous Fill Station Scale
110043 -4 Pump to Nursing Tank Inlet Hose
w/ Economiser Valve
110045 -4 Female X CGA 320 Male Adapter
110092 Nitrous Pro-Accessory Kit
For Carbureted Vehicles

Product Description

Nitrous Trans-Fill System -

Complete with Pump, Digital scale, Tray, Braided stainless lines, and filter.

Portable Tray is made with heavy gauge steel and powder coated for protection and great looks and makes track-side filling a breeze!

100 lb. Scale has a precision strain gauge for accuracy (+/0.02 oz0 and is protected with a hard rubber coating to handle abuse of heavy traffic.

Digital Scale Controller is easy to read and capable of both metric and pounds, also has Zero and Tare weight functions (9 volt battery included)

Momentary Drive button insures constant operator attention for safety

Economizer Valve relieves pressure to small cylinder while maintaining nitrous in pump to minimize waste

Hand-Wheel nursing cylinder connector allows easy hook up without tools

Braided Stainless inlet and outlet lines are ruged and provide years of carefree service

Double-Ended Pump design uses 50-70 percent less air than competitor’s single-ended style pump and can deliver up to 8 Lbs. per minute without the need to chill the bottle.