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Supra Sports-I Coilover TOYOTA

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Product Description

•Constructed from high quality steel sourced from Japan domestic metal providers.
•Over 40 years of suspension spring development.
•Development of a quality products that are vehicle specific.
•The optimal spring rates and drop heights.
•The best comfort and performance based on the amount of drop.

Coilover features

Mono-tube hand assembled systems specifically designed to improve ride quality, performance, and comfort.
•Utilizing a urethane bushing instead of pillow ball to reduces excessive vibrations from daily driving, as well as minimize noises from suspension movements.
•McPherson type suspension, utilizes roller bearings to eliminate spring binding noise

•Rubber padding to eliminate potential noise from suspension movements
•Ti2000 Springs made of Titanium composites for a lighter and stronger spring.
•36-way adjustable damper adjustment dials to tune shock compression and rebound to an individuals preference for almost any driving. (24-way for selected models)
•Upper mounts that can add 1.5 degree of camber from the preset by unbolting the upper mount and rotating the plate 180 degrees. (for more precise control of camber, camber adjustable plates are available for select models)

Also available,

Utilizing pillow upper mounts for more direct suspension feedback and input.
•Spring rates and shock valving tuned for use in competition environments.