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Black Friday Sale Details



This page currently pertains to our Black Friday 2015 sale.

Stand by for details on our 2016 sale launching 11-25-16 12:00







This year's Black Friday sale is our biggest yet. Unlike previous years, there is NO NEED to follow a specific link for Black Friday deals.


We are doing it HUGE for 2015 and have discounted the ENTIRE WEBSITE! We have more items on sale at this exact moment than we have in the last ten years combined. Simply navigate to the part you would like to buy and add it to your cart.


Discounts are already applied and there is no need for a coupon code or any hoops to jump through. The price you see is the price you pay.


Yes, you read that right. The entire website is on sale, any product you click on reflects our limited time pricing which ends Sunday at midnight.



Our phones are live 24/7 for customers who have questions or would prefer to call in their order!

Direct line: 940-683-8282



Supra Specific Sale Pages

We received overwhelming requests to bring back the Toyota Supra specific sale page this year, so we did! Please note that the entire website is on sale for every vehicle, the following link just organizes our best 1993-1998 Toyota Supra TT deals in one place. You can still use the normal navigation to reach all sales too.
Link: http://mvpmotorsports.com/black_friday/jza80-supra-tt
This page is still in beta phases, if you notice any issues or errors please email [email protected]




Website Information

1. MAKE SURE YOU ARE SEEING OUR NEW WEBSITE. We highly recommend you clear your browser cache before visiting, or at the very least make sure to hard-refresh our site. F5 or SHIFT+F5 on most PC's / Browsers or CMD+R on your Mac.


If you are seeing the home page URL as www.mvpmotorsports.com/merchant/index.shtml you will need to clear your data in order to view the website properly.




2. We now have over 300,000 parts for every vehicle imaginable. We are finally able to showcase most of the companies we have been direct with for many years, and our old website was simply too labor intensive to add everything to. Look around! We have Black Friday deals on 200+ manufacturers! It may be a great time to get a deal on some parts for your other vehicle!


3. Payment: Our new website accepts all major credit cards and Paypal right from the website. We can also accept a wire, especially good for our international customers. Just contact us for a total and the bank information so you can wire the money.


4. Totally new graphics, ways to navigate, and all around more modern look and feel.
4b. Our website should work on your iOS, Android, tablet, and computer!


5. It is NOT perfect yet. It is a work in progress with a massive undertaking of items. Please let us know the bugs, preferably by email, Unless its a serious issue that is preventing you from being able to use our website...and then we need to know immediately! We would love any feedback as well - positive and negative.


6. Speaking of not perfect: we have not added every single product yet. We are close, but there are few items here and there missing. If you can't find a item you are looking for on the website PLEASE CONTACT US. Post it up here or email or call! Do not send PMs as this takes us longer to get back to you, EMAIL / PHONES ARE FASTEST!




We will pricematch ALL Black Friday deals from other vendors that we can, in some cases we may even beat their deals. We have the biggest and best Black Friday Sale around. We have negotiated better prices from the manufacturers, not just thrown up some random discounts or lowered prices on over-stock we want you to clear off our shelves. Bottom Line: We are getting deals our competitors are not, and thus so are you when you buy from MVP!




We have most items added but we are following our competitors to add as many items as we can - and we are still adding a few last minute deals as well. So keep checking back!




Again - 100% brand new website. Some things may not be perfect. If you see an odd shipping amount please let us know so we can confirm if there is an issue and fix it for you.




Our new website does accept international orders! Shipping is accurate on many of the parts, but there may be some issues, especially if you are wanting to place a large order. It is best to contact us so we can verify the shipping cost first.



Need help? We're available at940-222-5499 - Email us at[email protected] orlive help
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