MVPmotorsports.com Terms and Policies

Please read all terms and conditions.
By ordering from MVPmotorsports.com / MVP Distributors via any method, you agree to all stated terms and conditions!

Our Terms and Policies use the phrases "MVPmotorsports.com", "MVP", and possibly other slight variations of these phrases.  Any and all use of these phrases are intended to be completely interchangeable with each other, and all identify MVP Distributors.



All products carry the manufacturer's warranty, which varies on a per-product basis. Please be sure to ask us if you have any questions about a specific manufacturer’s warranty before you make a purchase.

MVP makes no claim of accountability after a product has been received by the ordering party. The customer assumes all costs associated with the warranty of a given product including any applicable labor for removal and/or replacement of that item(s), diagnosis of a problem that may be related to that item(s) and all shipping costs.

MVP, at its sole discretion, may choose to either repair or replace any product returned within the warranty. If neither repair nor replacement is possible, MVP will, at its sole discretion, provide a refund, company credit, or replace the item with an item of equal or greater present market value.



All returns must be within 30 days of the date of invoice. All returned products must be in original, unopened, & resalable condition, identical to the condition that it was received in, with all original documentation, boxes, etc. All returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

There are no returns on used parts, parts you have attempted to install, parts that are not completely 100% new and sealed in original manufacturer packaging, closeouts, or special order items.

Special order items include, but are not limited to: Wheels, Body Kits, and any non-USA special order items. All returns must arrive at the MVP office in Texas within 30 days of the date of your original invoice.

Make sure to insure the product when you ship it back to us. If we receive an item that was damaged, or your package is lost by the Courier, you will receive no credit from MVP and you must take up the damage claim with the Courier. You assume all responsibility associated with processing an insurance claim with the Courier you select.

All returns must have an RGA (Returned Goods Authorization) number on them or we will refuse the shipment! To get an RGA number, call our Returns Dept. at 940-222-5499.
Please contact us for an RGA # and our address for where to send your return.


Damaged and/or Missing Parts Policy:

Any shipment shipped via UPS, Fedex, DHL, U.S. Postal Service, any Freight Company, any Freight Courier, or other Shipping Courier of any kind that is damaged while in transit, must be reported back to MVP within 2 days after delivery date. Failure to do so will result in your claim being denied and no monies nor replacement product(s) being provided. NO EXCEPTIONS!

We will assist you in every way possible with this claim, but will not be responsible for the outcome of said claim. Upon us being paid by the Courier, we will replace or repair any damaged part(s) you have identified. If the Courier denies paying us, MVP is under no obligation to give or repair or replace any part(s) you deemed damaged, as the Courier is the company responsible for your damaged part(s), not MVP Distributors.
Keep all boxes, packing material, shipping labels, etc., until your claim with the Courier is resolved.

Any shipment shipped via any freight service (LTL) must be inspected BEFORE signing for shipment. If shipment is signed for before inspecting the shipment and shipment is damaged, this will result in your claim being denied and no monies nor replacement product(s) being provided. Any and all damage MUST be noted on the delivery paperwork that the driver takes with them in order to be covered. NO EXCEPTIONS!  Virtually ALL body kits and pieces (among other items) are shipped via LTL, so please be familiar with this policy and ask us questions BEFORE you receive the delivery!

We will use LTL services to deliver items such as body parts, transmissions, and engines. We will assist you in every way possible with this claim, but will not be responsible for the outcome of said claim. Upon us being paid by the Courier, we will replace or repair any damaged part(s) you have identified. If the Courier denies paying us, MVP Distributors, is under no obligation to give or repair or replace any part(s) you deemed damaged, as the Courier is the company responsible for your damaged part(s), not MVP Distributors.
Keep all boxes, packing material, shipping labels, etc., until your claim with the Courier is resolved.

Any shipment missing a part, parts, or part of a "kit" (such as a turbo kit, fuel system, etc.) must be reported to us in writing (e-mail or fax) within 48 hours of receiving shipment. Failure to report any missing parts in writing within 48 hours voids any possibility of us sending you any additional parts we allegedly owe you. It is very, very rare for us to leave a part out as three people check every single kit that leaves our facility. Thus we will require pictures of all the parts you did receive emailed to us within 48 hours of you notifying us of any alleged missing parts.
Keep all boxes, packing material, shipping labels, etc., until your claim with the Courier is resolved.

On occasion, a Courier will damage a box and it will come open, spilling contents while in transit to you. If this is the case, we will assist you in filing a claim with the Courier for them to pay us to replace your missing part(s). Note, your claim in this case is with the Courier, not with MVPmotorsports.com / MVP Distributors.  We will assist you in every way possible with this claim, but will not be responsible for the outcome of said claim. Upon us being paid by the Courier, we will replace any missing part(s) you have identified. If the Courier denies paying us, MVP Distributors, is under no obligation to give you any part(s) you allege missing, as the Courier is the company responsible for your missing part(s), not MVP Distributors.
Keep all boxes, packing material, shipping labels, etc., until your claim with the Courier is resolved.

Special Orders:

Any item that is special order may require a deposit or full payment in advance at the time the order is placed. No portion of the deposit nor the full payment is refundable under any condition or circumstance.

Special orders usually take weeks or months to arrive. We generally quote an estimated amount of time. However, due to the nature of this business, some orders take longer than we may expect. MVP will not be held responsible for delays from manufacturers, transportation / shipping companies, or product being held at Customs.

Special order parts include any brands sourced directly from Japan such as (but not limited to) Top Secret, Do-Luck, Ikeya, Amuse, Max Racing, Ridox, Varis, Bee R, Okada Projects, JUN, Garage Defend, Kakimoto Racing, ORC, ATS, and many other brands not listed here. Other special order brands are any brands that are "made to order", meaning inventory is not kept on hand here, nor with the manufacturer. All Shine Auto, TBT Carbon Factory, APR Performance, Boomslang, Brembo Big Brake Kits, StopTech Big Brake Kits, Quaife, and Fortune Auto coilovers are made to order. Once paid, any parts from these brands can not be cancelled nor returned for any reason.

Over the years, we have had many reasons given to us for someone wanting to cancel their special order part(s). It does not matter the reason, we can not and will not cancel any special ordered part. We want to be transparent with you up front so you know what to expect.


Product Availability:

Many of the brands we offer are made to / manufactured to order, and drop ship after completion. Completion time varies, but on average, these brands can take anywhere from 4-16 weeks for shipment. If a product is in stock and ready to go, the product page will indicate this as in stock or available for immediate shipment. If there is no time frame indication, it is likely not available for immediate shipping.

If you need a product ASAP, or are on a specific time frame, please contact us for availability prior to purchasing.

Made to order products are not billed at checkout. We only run a temporary authorization to verify the payment method you entered is valid and has adequate funds to complete your order. We do not collect funds from the card until your order is ready to go (with the exceptions of over seas special orders or custom fabricated components outlined on this page).

A temporary charge will typically drop off after 5 business days. This is not a cause for concern, as it's standard practice for us not to hold any funds until an order is completely ready to go.

Made to order brands include but are not limited to: ACL, Alpha Performance, Apexi Integration, Arias Pistons, ARP, Brembo, Bilstein, Boomslang, Bride, D2, ECU Master, GSC Power Division, GReddy, HPS, Holley, Hypertune, Megan Racing, OCDworks, Radium Engineering, Weapon-R, Weld, Work, XS-Power, ZEX

Credit Policies:

Credit is typically issued within one week (5 business days) of receiving a returned part back at MVP . As different credit card companies require varying amounts of time to apply said credit, MVP Motorsports cannot estimate any additional time required for that credit to appear on any individuals credit card.

There are no returns or credits on items used or installed by the customer or items that are physically damaged. If you receive an item that is physically damaged when you receive it then you must contact us within 48 hours of receipt. Do not send a physically damaged item back to MVP Motorsports unless we instruct you to do so! Simply contact us so that we may assist you in handling a damage claim with the carrier (UPS, FedEx, US Postal Service, DHL, an LTL Freight Carrier, etc.).

Payment Policies:

Credit Card: We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
USA and Canada Customers: We accept only Credit Cards with billing addresses in the U.S.A. and Canada.
International Customers (other than Canada): We may accept Credit Cards from outside the U.S.A. and Canada from repeat customers, but this is at our sole discretion. Please note that the financial institutions charge us an extra 2% to accept Credit Cards from outside the U.S.A.  We require you to pay the extra 2% fee.  We still cover the normal fee that financial institutions charge us to accept anyone’s credit card.  We ask you only to cover this additional fee if your credit card is billed outside the U.S.A. We charge Credit Cards only in U.S. Dollars.  Your Credit Card institution will convert it to your country's money when sending you your statement or bill.

Prepay: Pay only cost of products plus shipping and insurance. Please allow up to 10 business days for personal checks to clear after we receive it here. If you want to avoid waiting, please send a verifiable Bank Cashier's Check or U.S. Postal Service money order.

COD (Collect On Delivery): Sorry, no COD unless you prepay the shipping costs or are a previous customer. To pay for a COD you must have a cashier’s check or money order ready when your package arrives, made payable to MVP Distributors. Sorry but no personal checks, company checks, or cash is accepted. COD costs are $15 for a UPS or FedEx COD Tag per box. No COD on Special Orders unless specific arrangements have been made with MVP Distributors before we have finalized your order.

Bank Wire Transfer: We will add $25 to your total to cover the associated costs of MVP receiving a wire transfer. We will send you all of our banking details so that you may make the transfer from your bank to our bank. If you need specific details on how to make a wire transfer we will be happy to provide them. You must have your bank pay us in U.S. Dollars, no exceptions! Your bank will convert your country's money to U.S. Dollars for you at the time of payment.

Western Union: There are Western Union payment stations all over the world. No extra fee is due to MVP should you choose to pay with Western Union. However, Western Union will charge you fees to send us money. After you send the Western Union payment, contact us with the Control Number and the name, address, and phone number you used when paying. You must pay us in U.S. Dollars through Western Union, no exceptions! Western Union will convert your country's money to U.S. Dollars for you at the time of payment.

Cancellation Policy:

All cancellations within 1 week of purchase are subject to a 5% cancellation fee. You cannot cancel an order once it has shipped. If an order has shipped and you do not want to keep the product(s), our return policies will apply if you return the part(s) or refuse the shipment(s). You also cannot cancel an order that is noted as a "Special Order".

The following exceptions apply. If you meet one or more of the following exceptions we will not charge you a cancellation fee.
The products ordered are to be shipped ground, they have not shipped yet, and over one week (at least 8 complete days) has passed since you placed your order.
The products ordered are to be shipped expedited (air shipping), they have not shipped yet, and over one business day has passed since you placed your order.
You were advised from MVP that we will be unable to ship the products within the timeframe specified in options 1 or 2 even though the timeframe has not passed yet.
You were notified from MVP that the price on the product changed after you placed your order and you wish to cancel the order rather than pay the price increase.
You wish to substitute the parts on the order for parts of equal or greater value.
You wish us to keep a credit on file for you that you can apply to an order in the future.

International Orders: Any customer located outside the USA (defined as the 50 states) may not cancel their order after we have received payment, partial or full, no exceptions. If you do cancel you will receive no refund. International orders require us to order all your parts in specifically for you. We then collect all your parts here until your entire order is ready for shipment. Because of the extra time and effort required to fill an international order we do not allow any refunds. However, if you want to change one item for a different item, that is allowed if the original item is not a special order, wheels, or a body part. Please note that if we paid to ship the original item to MVP that you will be responsible for the shipping cost of that item to MVP.  You will also be responsible for the shipping cost of the new item you want to order to get the item from the manufacturer to MVP.

Wholesale / Business-to-Business Accounts: Any order your company cancels will be credited to your account as company credit. We do not offer credit to your credit card or a check refund.

Invoice Policy:

Should there be a pricing mistake on your invoice, you have 30 days from the original date of the invoice to have it corrected. You will receive a copy of your invoice in your e-mail within 24 hours of placing your order. If you do not, please contact us. It is your responsibility to review it promptly and make certain you agree with all information on it. After 30 days of the invoice being generated, MVP will not be responsible for any errors, including pricing errors. If you believe you have been overcharged, you must contact us within the first 30 days and we will correct it quickly and credit you accordingly if you have indeed been overcharged. This same policy applies to Credits. If you have been incorrectly credited, you have 30 days to contact us. After that time, no review will be given to your Credit and no adjustment will be due you.

Shipping to Canada and Mexico:

When we ship to you in Canada or Mexico, you will incur fees (Brokerage, Customs, Taxes, etc.) that will be charged to you by the shipping company (FedEx, UPS, Postal Service, DHL, etc.). Sometimes these fees will be charged to you at the time you receive the parts. Sometimes these fees will be charged to you at a later time and mailed to you from the shipping company for payment. You are 100% responsible for these fees at the time you are billed. However, if you do not pay them, the shipping company will bill us for your fees. At the time we receive a bill from them we will pay the bill for you plus a 25% service charge and then charge your credit card immediately for the entire amount. We will provide paperwork, upon your request, showing you the bill we received on your behalf from the shipping company. We will e-mail you a copy of the invoice when we charge you, assuming you have provided us your e-mail address. Remember, we charge a 25% service charge for paying your bill for you, so it is in your best interest to pay the shipping company what you owe them when you receive the bill.

Shipping outside North America:

Please e-mail [email protected] with your potential order, your complete address, and any questions you have.  We are happy to assist you in getting parts to your door.  We ship all parts on our website anywhere in the world!

You, the customer, is responsible for ALL import taxes, brokerage fees, VAT (where applicable), Customs fees, storage fees (if you delay paying or paperwork requirements), delivery fees to your door (if you choose Airport delivery from MVP), airport handling fees, paperwork fees, and any and all other charges and fees in regards to clearing your parts through Customs of your country and paying your country’s related taxes.

Use of products we sell:

Most of the items sold through MVP are for racing and off-road use only and should never be used on public streets or highways. Please check your local, state, & federal laws regarding such use.

MVP is not responsible for any damage any product we sell may cause you, your vehicle or other vehicles or persons.

All products sold by MVP are intended solely for use on USA-specification vehicles, unless specifically noted on a particular product. We make no guarantee that any parts we sell will fit or work on a non-USA specification vehicle.

MVP makes no guarantee a part we sell will fit with any other aftermarket parts you have obtained from us or any other source.  Furthermore, most parts we offer require you to modify your vehicle in some number of ways to make parts fit.  Simply because a part is made to fit your vehicle does not mean it directly bolts on as easily and quickly as an OEM part would.  Modifying your vehicle sometimes requires unforeseen work that will cost you extra time and money, as well as inconvenience you. If you are not prepared for this please do not modify your vehicle.

Accounting Policy:

There will be a $35.00 fee on all returned checks, per incident.  All lawsuit expenses towards collecting bad debts are the buyer's responsibility.
There is an additional $35.00 fee that our bank imposes on us for every returned check, so each returned check to MVP Distributors will cost you $70.00 extra.
We will absolutely pursue all collections to the fullest extent of the law!

Shipping of your order:

Any order placed before 12:00P.M. Central Standard Time (CST) will be shipped the same business day, if we have the part(s) in stock and if your method of payment clears through our accounting process (i.e. credit card does not decline, your billing and shipping addresses verify, etc.)

Any order placed after 12:00 P.M. Central Standard Time (CST) will not be shipped until the following business day. Saturday, Sunday, and all U.S. Legal Holidays are not considered a business day.

If you are using your credit card, please note that MVP can ship only to an address we can verify with your credit card company. If you wish to ship to an address other than your billing address, you must add your shipping address onto your credit card account before we can process your order. To speed up the address verification process we encourage you to add your shipping address to your credit card account before you place your order with us. Failing to do so will result in our inability to verify who you are and your order will be delayed. To add your shipping address please call the customer service number (usually located on the back of your credit card) and speak with a customer service representative. Ask him / her to “add an alternate shipping address to the notes section” of your account. We have found most credit card companies are familiar with this process and can have your shipping address added easily and immediately. Please note that we have found many debit card banks refuse to assist you, their customer. They refuse to add an alternate shipping address to your account, and because of this you will be unable to ship to an address other than your billing address. However, some debit card banks are customer service oriented, so we encourage you to give them a call and ask. Remember, we will not ship your order to an address we can not verify. This is for your protection as a credit card holder!

Shipping of body kits, international shipments, and anything shipped with an LTL courier:

If you order large products (body pieces such as bumpers, hoods, doors, trunks, etc.), motors, shortblocks, longblocks, etc. that are shipped with an LTL (Lighter Than Load) courier it is very important you read and understand these terms. If you are an international customer and you will be making a purchase from us, it is very important you read these terms.

LTL and International couriers are not like UPS and FedEx. When you give your signature on an LTL or International waybill or other form or paper, you are signing a legal contract. This contract says that the products have arrived undamaged and that you nor the shipper will make any claim for damage at a later time. It is very important that you inspect every package and every part fully before signing this paper. After you sign, we will not be able to get any money or replacement for any damage caused by the shipping company. MVP Motorsports will not be held responsible (financial or otherwise) if you sign for a package or packages and later discover it was damaged in transit. You will receive no refund, no partial refund, and no replacement of product(s). This is also true should you have someone else sign for you in your absence such as (but not limited to) your spouse, friend, family member, co-worker, or an agent acting on your behalf (body shop, mechanic, tuning shop, etc.). Both the person and ultimately you are responsible for inspection before signing. There are no exceptions to this. If there is something damaged, contact us immediately before signing anything. MVP Distributors will not be liable for your failure to contact us.


LTL / Freight Quotes:

Most (but not all)body pieces such as bumpers, hoods, doors, trunks, motors, shortblocks, longblocks, etc, must ship through a LTL / freight carrier. Our website will attempt to quote pricing on these items, but often times it is an over estimation, and you will only be charged the actual amount, with your authorization first. Please select this service at checkout, even if you see cheaper options. This will not be the amount billed.

We will provide actual freight cost after your order has been received, and request authorization to proceed with your order. If you would like a quote prior to placing your order, please contact [email protected]


Typographical Errors:

In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information due to typographical error or error in pricing or product information received from our suppliers, MVPmotorsports.com shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for product listed at the incorrect price.  MVP Distributors shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is canceled, MVP shall issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the charge.

Order Acceptance Policy:

Your receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. MVP reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order for any reason. MVP reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order, without prior notice to you, to supply less than the quantity you ordered of any item. Orders over a certain amount (we do not discuss this amount publicly in order to assist in preventing fraud) must obtain pre-approval with an acceptable method of payment, as established by our credit and fraud avoidance department. We may require additional verifications or information before accepting any order.

Customer Information:

Any customer information including any email addresses received by MVP will only be used in connection with your order, and will not be sold, or transferred to any third party. Periodically, MVP may wish to communicate with customers via email or electronic newsletter, if for any reason you do not wish to receive email communications from MVP, then you may send an email to [email protected] with "remove from email list" in the subject, and you will not receive any further email communications from us.


Whether you are placing an order by phone or the internet, security is our number one priority. All on-line transactions are sent through our secure server and encrypted with 128-bit technology. Once the information is received through the internet or by phone, trusted authorized employees will process your payment, and make sure that your information is handled with the highest level of security.

Labor Fees Incurred:

You agree to hold MVP Distributors harmless for any and all labor incurred involving the installation, repair or maintenance of any item purchased from MVP Distributors.  MVP Distributors is not responsible for any damaged parts or additional labor necessary to repair a vehicle resulting from items purchased from MVP Distributors.

Other Legal Policies:

We reserve the right to notify you of other stipulations at a later time.  Other conditions may apply as necessary.

By ordering from MVPmotorsports.com / MVP Distributors via phone, e-mail, standard mail, fax, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat via this website, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, any other form of Social Media, Skype, other online messenger, in person, any internet website or internet forum, and/or by our online catalog / website, you are agreeing to and accepting all of the terms and conditions stated above.


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